Creative Touch *LOVES* | Unique Engagement + Wedding Ring Photography Inspiration

We always love seeing how creative photographers get shooting the details shots of a wedding! So, for today’s blog post, we decided to focus on the one element that stays with a couple from engagement to eternity (yes, we’re getting chummy here), the rings! Here’s an assortment of some of our favorites from our ::pinterest:: page! Take a look!

{ Love this! ::Source:: }

{ Not sure which we want … those delicious macarons or the rings!  ::Source:: }


{ Love how you can already have a sense of the theme for the wedding from these shots! ::Source:: | ::Source:: }

{ Delicious all around! ::Source:: }


{ Fresh greens and bling ::Source:: | ::Source:: }

{ Love the contrast!  ::Source:: }


{ Delicate close-ups ::Source:: | ::Source:: }

Can you tell we love our details??

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