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As the temperatures reach the upper 90’s here in Los Angeles, we couldn’t help but crave some delicious drinks to help ease the summer heat. So, we went straight to our ::Pinterest:: page and clicked through dozens of cocktails we’ve pinned to our board ::Drinks::  Here are a few beautiful yet delicious selections we wanted to share on our blog! Perfect inspiration for a signature cocktail for a shower or wedding, no?


{ Rose and Rhubarb Syrup | Pomegrante and Purple Basil Gin Smash }


{ Vodka Thyme Cocktail | Peach and Rosemary Summer Fizz }


{ Mint Juleps | Kiwi Mojito ::Can’t Find the Link to This One :( :: }

{ Pretty Signature “M” cocktails created by Peter Callahan Catering at a party given by Darcy Miller to honor Mark Ingram .. We love the “M” on the side of the drink for an extra touch of customization! }

Now if only we can find someone to re-create one of these yummy beauties…

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